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Michael's Statement: aka Wayne Bent


Michael states that our heavenly Father intended that Michael's actions with the underage girls be interpreted as "sexual contact". All this was part of our heavenly Father's plan to bring Michael's message to national attention. Through this, every true character in mankinds soul will be exposed. For thus saith the Lord GOD! (Ezekiel 14:23) "I have done nothing without cause."


Wayne stated (before he was taken to jail):

I have committed no crime. No law was broken by me, just as Jesus broke no law; but I was crucified as he was. Public perception is a law unto itself, and it has no reason. This morning upon my bed the Father revealed to me that His judgment is going everywhere, and will reach into the holes and cracks of the earth. No one can escape this awesome heavenly coup d’etat. God has anointed me as a scandal, and I am esteemed as a sinner, just as was Jesus. This will bring mankind to its conclusion, and mankind will bring it to themselves.

Today millions worship Jesus, but they are almost stupid in regard to that worship. Was not Jesus a “self-proclaimed messiah”? The people read the New Testament and declare it as the Word of God, but do they not see that it was written by the followers of Jesus? Why do they not believe the writings of my followers, and call it the Word of God? They hardly recognize their own hypocrisy, and their own stupidity. Christians today use Jesus’ own words as proof that he was the Son of God; why do they not use my words in regard to me?

The last and seventh plague poured out, tells that the cities fall. There are many bankruptcies. Then a great hail falls, “sweeping away the refuge of falsehood.” We are now seeing some of this with the money. Our money never was money; that was a falsehood. We only had debt. There was a lie that America had freedom of religion; this has now also been proven to be a hoax. People in Saudi Arabia go to jail if they offend the religious leaders, and so have I. Christians are jailed there. I am in prison because the American mullahs are angry at me. Even though I have not broken a law, they feel I should go to jail anyway. The American Taliban came for me, seeking to eradicate my religion. If this were to happen in China, the Americans would speak to China about civil rights violations. But since it happened in America, no one seems to notice when I was taken to prison for nothing immoral, but only for doing what I said God had instructed me to do. The two young ladies acted out what they testified God told them to do. Truly this is exposing the mighty hypocrisy of America.


Sect leader Wayne Bent released from prison (Updated: Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 at 10:39pm)


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Uploaded on Aug 27, 2008

Formerly a sailor called Wayne Bent, Michael Travesser is the leader of a cult in New Mexico called Strong City.

His 56 followers - men, women and children - hang on his every word, serving him with absolute and unquestioning devotion. They say they are all preparing for death, to go to a better place as Michael claims his days on earth are numbered.

With unprecedented access, this compelling film takes viewers into an undiscovered world, into the heart of a cult whose members are preparing to meet their maker. Film-maker Ben Anthony discovers just how a cult operates and how a leader like Michael exerts his influence.

Sixty-six-year-old Travesser has a mesmerizing hold over the members of the cult. Anthony hears teenage girls talking about wanting a sexual consummation with their Leader, discovers that this consummation extended to Travesser's own son's wife and meets parents who are desperately trying to pry their children from his grip.

Strong City have also come to the attention of the FBI, who are keeping a close watch over the group. As the program delves deeper in to the world of Strong City, it asks whether Michael Travesser is about to lead his cult to a tragedy of Jonestown or Waco proportions and ultimately whether he's really a master manipulator: an expert spin doctor who brainwashes his followers simply to serve his own ends?

He claims that 31 October 2007 is Doomsday and at midnight on that date there will be an event of apocalyptic proportions, marking the end of the world.

What happens to Strong City and their Messiah on 31 October? The countdown to Doomsday has begun.

Well it's now August of 2008 so we know the end of the world never happened and probably never will. This is a very interesting and disturbing documentary, a must see.


Michael's comment about Ben Anthony's film "END OF THE WORLD CULT" shown by National Geographic

The movie does seem interesting and truly it trashes me to a very great degree and makes me and the others here all look pretty stupid. If Ben Anthony had told our story the way we told it to him, it might have seemed more reasonable, but he lied on numerous occasions with his voice over, knowing very well he was lying. The end of the world was the biggest lie told. I, or we, NEVER predicted the end of the world on any date. He used his video lineup to make it appear that we did. The very last phone conversation on the video with my son, was edited to make it sound helpful to Ben's lying. Jeff clearly laid out the issue, but Ben cut that all out of the film. Ben also recorded the phone call without Jeff knowing it. This is illegal in this country. The virgins told me also that Ben twisted their own testimony to look like they were talking about the end of the world when they were only speaking of the prophetic description of it.

Granted, we are a pretty strange bunch, but we are soft candy compared to the ctivities of your own governments. When we get "crazy" according to you, we do harmless things like believe something. When your governments get crazy millions die, as in Iraq and other places. Your society hurts people and puts millions in prison.

Your society tortures people and takes them away from their families for years, without charges or even a trial. We have no prisons here. We have no wars, we have no fights, we have no offenses. Why could not one of your better movie makers, Ben Anthony, simply have told the truth? The truth would have been strange enough.When interviewing us, which was about 100 hours of taping, he used only 48 minutes.

In the interview he told us he would tell our story. Later he told us that he would tell his story and not ours. I asked him if he ever lies. He told me that he does. I told him that his world just uses people for profit. He agreed. I told him that this was true for his movie also. Your world's media, is all about lying. This is something we never do in our world. We simply tell the truth as it is, and we told Ben all the truth as it was. But he lied the whole time he was here, making sure we knew that he saw us as the "good people" of Strong City. Your world would not know the truth if it bit you in the face. Our world lives by it.

Yes, it was an entertaining movie, but it was not about us. It was only a movie concocted to sell to the public and make a few bucks, and the movie had our face put on it. Too bad. You might have been given the chance to know the rest of the story. That would have been more interesting still, but Ben Anthony hid that part. Hours of testimony by the Two Witnesses was entirely excluded. It must have sounded too normal. It made sense out of too many things, and Ben did not want reasonableness, he wanteda monster movie.





Self-Proclaimed Jesus

Prudence, why don't you also post how Michael felt when God told him to lay down with the naked minors? It was posted on his website. Michael did not feel right about it, as he mentioned on his website at that time. How Michael prayed to God to change His mind because he did not feel comfortable laying down with the naked minors. Why pick and chose words from Michaels' website to justify your perverted mind? Are you trying to get attention to your self? What awful act has Michael done to you to hate him so much and falsely accuse him as using the power of suggestion to plant thoughts in their minds? And who are "they are all begging to lay naked with him"? Did all his followers beg to lay naked with Michael? Be careful how you use your words.

Michael laid naked with the minors? Where did you get that from? Michael said he was fully clothed when he performed the healing to the naked minors, and the girls testified in court that nothing sexual happened between them and Michael. Why isn't this shown in the news? Michael has always spoken openly on his websites, he had nothing to hide, and because of this he is being falsely accused as a pedophile? Why don't you show the girls testimonies? I'll tell you why. Because the truth is not in you. The truth will not make it in the media because people have evil minds and want to hear and believe atrocities rather than the truth. People like you had done to Michael what was done to Christ long ago. The world is not ready for the truth, they are not ready for the Messiah, for the truth is not in them.


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I have known Michael Travesser since the day I was drown to a prophecy he wrote and was posted on a website called The Wind, not long after the 9/11 attackes on the Twin Towers in New York. I was praying to my Father in heaven to reveal to me the truth about the horifying tragety of 9/11, cause deep down inside something was telling me our government was lying, and Father directed me to the site where Michael's prophecy was posted. There was a link on this website on that post also. So I decided to click on it and started to read the pages on his website, one by one. What surprised me was the words Michael used to describe the world events of our time. The more I read the more I agreed. The spirit in me was in complete agreement with what Michael and his followers believed. A month later, I wrote Michael a few E-mails to ask him some questions, and from that time on I started to follow his teachings and later on became one of Michaels spiritual brides.

I have never met Michael in person, but I felt that I was connected with his spirit from day one, because his beliefs matched mine exactly. I felt like we where connected in spirit right away. I have also communicated with some of his followers that lived withhim, at the New Mexico compound at that time, through E-mails. I fell in love with all of them right away. It felt like I knew them all my life. They are the most kind, pure, loving and caring people I have ever gotten in touch with. We connected right away, for we shared the same spirit.

I was sad in my heart when I found out that Michael had been arrested by the New Mexico government officials and was prosecuted and judged falsly as a child molester. Like I previously have said, and I have posted my comments on many websites that falsly accuse Michael as an antichrist, a child molester, and a false prophet (among other false accusations), that Michael is not the monster the media portrays him to be. His accusers don't even recognize the spirit in him.

Many in Christs generation did the same to Christ. Did they not? Just because they did not understand his words or his ways. Just as in Christs generation, they accuse Michael of crimes he did not commit, words and actions that have not even crossed his mind. How can one believe Christ when he appears? They can't, because if they knew Christ they would see and feel Christ's presence in Michael. And not only in Michael, but in everyone that Christ's spirit dwells in them. Like I did and still do. Michael says we are all Christs, meaning "anointed ones from God" and we would know this right away, not because Christs appears in someones flesh, but because we hear God's words in his mouth, and see his ways are in agreement with God's ways. Michael did not do anything the Father in heaven did not tell him to do. Michael hears God's words and obeys Him, just like Jesus did. If this is a crime, then I am as guilty as Michael is. Michael always told us, if you want to see Christ look in the mirror. Meaning, the mirror of your soul, cause this is where Christ's spirit dwells if you are born again from above, as Jesus taught us. And if Christ spirit dwells in you, then why do you search for Christ to appear again to all? Did not Jesus tell us that he will not appear to the world (because he comes more than one time), but only to those that live in him, and him in them?

IT IS WRITTEN! (John 14:19) Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live , ye shall live also.

Or where it says in (John 14:15-17)15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. 16 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever, 17 the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. 18 I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.

And again, in (John 14:19-24) "A LITTLE WHILE LONGER AND THE WORLD WILL SEE ME NO MORE, BUT YOU WILL SEE ME. Because I live, you will live also. 20 AT THAT DAY YOU WILL KNOW THAT I AM IN MY FATHER, AND YOU IN ME, AND ME IN YOU. 21 He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him AND MANIFEST MYSELF TO HIM."22 Judas (not Iscariot) said to Him, "Lord, how is it that You will manifest Yourself to us, and not to the world?"23 Jesus answered and said to him, "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. 24 He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father's who sent Me.

Those that keep God's words, which are Christ's teachings, hears his voice and recognizes his speech, like I did in Michael. And NO, the world will not see him because they do not recognize Michael's words, just like in Jesus time when many did not recognize Christ's speeches. So, if Christ is in you, then why are you still waiting for him?

And YES, I do recognize Christ in Michael, because I hear and recognize his speech, and his words are in agreement with the words of the spirit that is in me. Just as Christ is in me, for we have one mind, same thoughts as the spirit of truth that Christ promised he will send us.

(1 Corinthians 2:16) "Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?" But we have the mind of Christ."

I do not follow man made religions, and I do not go to church any more because I have passed those stages of knowledge and moved on, to where the spirit of God leads me. I'm not saying that going to church is bad, some people need to pass that stage in order to move on to higher ones. We are all still learning, some are behind us and some are ahead of us in the stages of spiritual knowledge. So don't start judging others for not believing what you do, just because they are not if full agreement with your beliefs.

May the heavenly Father shower us with knowledge from above and teach us to love and respect one another by not judging any one. God is the last judge.


*~*~*~*~*~ *




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