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9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used?

9/11, And The Lies Of The Truth - Part 1

9/11, And The Lies Of The Truth - Part 2


Did a 757 really hit the pentagon on 911?

Bush's Odd Behavior on the Morning of 9/11-What Did He Know?

Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered

Benazir Bhutto WAS Shot in the Head before the Blast!!!!

CNN Interview with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin Laden


Ultimate Cover Up Bin Laden's Death

Countdown: Scott McClellan Interview 1 of 4: Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan Tells White House Secrets. He points at Rove, Libby, and Cheney as the cronies who knew about the Plame scam and Iraq war propaganda.

Countdown: Scott McClellan Interview 2 of 4

Countdown: Scott McClellan Interview 3 of 4

Countdown: Scott McClellan Interview 4 of 4

Scott McClellan's on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann pt.5


KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq: As we approach the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, hundreds of US veterans of the war say the American military has been covering up widespread civilian killings in that country.

Soldiers are refusing to participate in the Iraq War

Iraq war veterans accuse US military of coverups - 16 Mar 08